music production etc. - byron bay - since '81

Josh Lawson's 'The Little Death' in cinemas in the next few weeks,
feat. museagency production, arrangements, gyan vocals  

Gyan/Museagency Tropscore entry 2013  

"I'm Alive" by Peter Howe sung by Gyan produced by Museagency and included
on Blueray/DVD extras for "Drift" starring Sam Worthington

Gyan & Leunig, 'How To Get There", live @ Melbourne Recital Centre  

Steve Smyth, Matt Johnson, Rob Calder - museagency session (1 minute tour)

Bear In Mind    


    Gyan's first poetry book

    Bear in Mind - tiny seeds not yet sung.

    available at good book stores or online

    a Museagency publication




DRIFT due for 2013 release
credits include:
museagency (audio recording), gyan (vocals), simon greaves (guitars)

MENTAL (2012) with Toni Collette, dir. PJ Hogan
credits include
museagency (audio recording), gyan (vocal)

runner-up BEST 'ADULT' ALBUM 2010
- "the sound of grown-ups singing about grown-ups doing grown-up things ...
songwriting of the highest quality." Bernard Zuel,
a museagency production
(images beatifulawkward)

Dane Tucqet underwater w. mermaid @ museagency session

Mick Waters surf film "Little Black Wheels" includes tracks by
Dane Tucquet (above), Simon Greaves and Tim Gaze
recorded @ museagency

































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(all wood surfboards from MAINE U.S.A.) soundtrack featuring Tim Gaze recorded @ Museagency

Parissa Bouas - Sad Eyes recorded @ museagency

Rapskallion - Cat Theif from Vagabond King LP recorded @ museagency 

Jez Mead live @ museagency studio

  James Cruickshank from his first solo album Hymn for Her: a museagency co-production

Jane Sibbery, Dragon Dreams. vocals sessions @ museagency 

Indi Force, NZ,
Hunters Call

Hey, so this is a demo I recorded in Muse Agency studios in Byron Bay. It still needs a bit of tweaking, but turn it up really loud cause my songs are always best that way...

I was really trying to draw a connection between my lyric/melody-based songs and my more cinematic, soundscape-like compositions.

'Hunters Call' was a great exercise for me as I broke the normal conventions of song-writing (hence the vocal sounds, unusual structure and inconsistent beat) and tried to reach outside of my comfort zone.

As well as experimenting with unusual instrumentation such as a beautiful hundred year-old Celeste and the horns, I also experimented with my voice as not only a communication device but an instrument. I tried not to clutter it with lyrics but to focus on expressing an idea or emotion, to create a sort of atmosphere.
The whole piece was improvised in the studio, so please excuse any random phrases like 'I will fight the sun' - I have absolutely no idea where that came from and even though it was a running joke, the producer liked it so much we stuck with it.

This was my first discovery of TAPE DELAY and i pretty much died and went to compositional heaven.

Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it! :) Turn it up REAL LOUD!
Indi x

mitten and premal
Mitten & Deva Premal!

muse boat


Orchestration by Simon Greaves
top level string players
consultation via Skype
international clients welcome

Simon Greaves

“…...evokes the spirit of Nick Drakes first two albums and those special Robert Kirby string arrangements.

“late-period Beatles with delicious instrumentation and just the right level of melancholy …...
a tender ambience that wouldn’t be out of place on a Nick Drake album.”


Violin 1: Erkki Veltheim,
Violin 2: Eugene Costello,
Viola: Sallie Campbell,
Cello: Katherine Philp,
Piano Simon Greaves
Melbourne Recital Centre rehearsal  



Dane Tucquet @ museagency

“I remember sending Si an email after my debut album “Bury Me In My Headphones” was mixed, which said something like ‘If I died tomorrow, I would be a happy man’. The reason I felt that way owed a lot to recording at Museagency, with an engineer who is also a dedicated artist, exceptional musician and uniquely sensitive producer."

"I’m currently recording my second album, “Let Everyone Feel Your Love” and there is no other place I would rather be than tucked away at the base of Honeysuckle Hill, a stones throw from Tallows beach, ‘neath the sweep of the lighthouse; recording, surfing, talking vinyl, films and books, then listening back to what we created through giant URIE speakers. When Si listens to a song again straight away, you know you are in the zone. If he doesn’t, you know he won’t rest until he wants to tap that play button again. That’s an amazing and rare thing to be involved with."


Danes album, "Bury Me In My Headphones" (produced by Simon Greaves) was longlisted for the AMP (Australian Music Prize) 2007


how weird

How Weird Is That...
by Gyan & M S Dawson - short listed for CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) Crichton Award
a museagency book



If you want to create
gentle, intelligent
the Museagency would love to work with you to capture and document your singular
The sandbox has some
beautiful vintage toys.
Our favourites at the mo' are our 1910, 5 octave celesta, and a 120+ year old Steinway upright piano,
tho' jazzers
will probably prefer the more modern Victor USA baby grand for a less affected
There's some beautiful old mics, pre 40's guitars, theremins,
voltage controlled synths, tape delays and spring/plate reverbs.
The bikes
are rusting but they still ride good. Byron
is more crowded than it used to be but there are still plenty of spots full of soul and love, if you know where to

You’re here. That’s a pretty good start.

Welcome to the Museagency.